The science behind manifestation. Let’s do it for the world.

My daughter made this week’s blog easy for me. Quite simply because I didn’t need to write it. I could not possibly have explained the laws of manifestation better. And that’s not a boastful mother talking; I genuinely couldn’t have. She writes from her brain and her heart – it’s a combination I respect intensely in anybody. She wrote it for a recent Toastmaster’s speech. If I said I understood all of it, I’d be lying. I needed to read it over twice before truly grasping the science behind it. Ok. I needed to read it three times. Let’s just say she does science at school. I did French. Luckily French is so widely spoken in South Africa. Very sensible subject selection. That said, I have always craved the science behind things, right from choosing the right skin products to understanding the invisible energy around us. Much like Alex, I take some convincing.

Moments of blissful happiness. Find joy in solitude. Top of Sani Pass.

It’s a tough time, right? We’re all feeling it. I don’t want to name the ‘reason’ for the tough time mention in this post. That would be giving it a voice. We’d be giving it power by making it our focus (read below why ‘focus’ is so influential). We all know what physical measures we need to be taking, and that’s important. We need to be informed in order to make responsible choices not to infect ourselves and not to infect others. If you aren’t informed by now, you are living under a rock. Which at the moment may actually be a good option – especially if it’s in some far-flung location. Anyhow, let’s ensure we dedicate our powerful mind space to positive thoughts. More than ever, we have access to ‘quiet time’ and solitude. We can turn that into a good thing. We can use this time to be thoughtful and manifest what we want. Let’s turn our firm focus where it needs to be. We want our freedom back. We want our happiness again. And we want that for everyone around us. So, let’s manifest it.

I hand you over to Alex, sweet 16 years of age…

Manifesting joy and happiness. Me and Alex at the Ixopo Buddhist Retreat Jan 2019

“I want you to imagine a world in which you could control everything that came into your life and everything that did not. Imagine the things that you would do, the people that you would meet, the experiences that you would have, and the things that you would achieve. What if I told you that you could make this a reality.

I have never been the type of person who can just accept something for what it is. I need to know why. Why does sin of the opposite line over the adjacent line of a triangle give you θ? Why does the angle of a slope go in between Fg and Fg y? Why does an electric current create a magnetic field? My maths teacher will tell you that I need an explanation for any formula or rule that she might throw at me before I will use it.

This constant need for me to have an explanation for everything has led to my love for science and maths. Even if it takes me asking 500 times, I will always arrive at the explanation that I am looking for. And I love this. I love nothing more than writing a conclusion for a scientific write-up when my results for an experiment have proved the theory that we were taught in class. I am so excited to explain why the hyperbolic shape of my graph proves the indirectly proportional relationship of current and resistance in a circuit.

However, there are some things that science and maths cannot offer an explanation or answer for. What is the meaning of life? Does God exist? What is our purpose on Earth? Where will we go when we die? I have searched for the answers to these questions in many different places. Exploring different religions, reading countless books, and lying awake at night pondering life’s biggest mysteries. I have been Christian for my whole life, but only in more recent years did I discover Buddhism. Buddhism is considered a religion by Google, but Buddhists simply consider it a way of life. The Buddhist philosophy does not call for the worshipping of a God but instead offers a way to live a life that is free from suffering. It does not discredit other religions, and it is possible to follow the Buddhist philosophy while simultaneously following another religion. The Buddhist philosophy offers intellectual explanations for the questions that I raised earlier.

Manifestation is a Buddhist philosophy that is thousands of years old but is being proved scientifically today. You can use manifestation to create that life that I asked you to imagine a few minutes ago. As I have told you, I cannot accept something without an explanation for why it is so. So it is easy for you to deduce that manifestation has an explanation.

For hundreds of years, Newton’s ideas were believed, and it was thought that everything was mechanical and could be predicted. He felt that science was just observing and that anyone could repeat an experiment, and the same results would be yielded. However, in more recent years, scientists have started to enter the field of sub-atomic particles. They have discovered that sub-atomic particles move in waves. This is quantum theory. The science behind this can get extremely intricate. Still, the basic principle that has emerged is the concept that the act of observing changes the result. This means that everything is subjective because the observer influences the observed.

Our minds actually create everything that we have ever experienced. Everything that we see, feel, taste, touch, and hear is a mental image created by your mind based on data you have received from your sensory organs. In a dream, your mind creates a reality in which you perceive experiences and other people as separate to yourself. Your mind does the same thing to create your reality when you are awake. However, this reality has a closer relationship with what is going on in the real world as it is based on sensory data.

Based on this, we can see that time, space, and matter exist within consciousness. Your consciousness does not exist within time, space, and matter. We then have to accept that consciousness is the essence of everything, and it is the medium from which every experience of our being manifests. Every aspect of our experience is a manifestation of the mind, so this must mean that the mind is the creator of the world we know.

As I have explained, your thoughts are what create your reality. Manifestation is the process of using your thoughts to create the reality that you desire. Although the explanation is complicated, the execution is really quite simple. Focus your thoughts on only what you desire. This will change the vibration of the waves of the subatomic particles that make up your body. The vibrations will attract everything that you want as you will be vibrating at the same frequency as your desires. Your vibration will also repel anything that you don’t want in your life. This is why it is so important to focus only on what you want and not give your energy to the things that you don’t want.

You have the ability to create the most extraordinary reality for yourself. Where your focus goes, your energy flows. If you focus on only the reality that you desire, this reality will manifest in your life. It is universal law.” Words by Alex, March 2020

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I love that Life Coaching has science behind it, and that it gives you on-going tools for life that WORK:

Live your best life

See opportunity where once there were problems

Move from indecisiveness to clarity

Feel like the person you know you are

Do what you love

Lift your creativity and energy

Discover your own solutions

Feel treated better by others

Choose how you want to feel

Believe in your happiness

Learn to ‘let go’

Find yourself and what you really want

Face your fears

Gain new insights and perspective

Feel positive, liberated and expansive

Become unstuck

One day we will understand the bigger picture, but for now, we need to know and believe we are bigger than all this. We are all powerful beyond measure. Believe it. Manifest it!

Find beauty and happiness in the things right on your doorstep. Our newly flourishing Rock Roses, complete with sparkly droplets.

Let’s just coddiwomple

x Keryn