“To travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.”

It gives me great pleasure, via my written ‘coddiwomplings,’ to share with you some of my purposeful passions like travel, health and skincare, as well as my personal introspections and dreams.

Life is a smorgasbord of many wonderful and messy morsels. It’s joyful effervescence, day-to-day mediocrity, and teeth-gritting, eye-wiping emotional challenges. The signage at life’s intersections is often rusty and worn, so, yes, at times our final destination can seem very vague indeed. However, if our pursuit is to achieve holistic life balance, we must be journeying in the right direction.

So, for that reason, I invite you to coddiwomple with me.

At times I will feed you researched facts from some super-smart human sources, and at other times I will simply write straight from the heart. Shamelessly spilling my feelings. In this case, please extract what resonates with you, and crumple up the bits that don’t. You can even laugh, but just don’t point fingers.

Oh, and I’ve just added an online shop! The Coddiwomple shop will enable me to share with you some of the things that bring me closer to my pursuit of life balance. The shop is small, but I’m hoping it’s the beginning of big things. Thank you for allowing me to share my heart and my ‘pieces of peace’ with you.

Let’s just coddiwomple x Keryn