Why would anyone follow my blog?

Insecurities. Tenacious little things those. They can be extremely convincing with their incessant whisperings, which at times escalate to an anxiety-inducing yap.  This internal dialogue has held me back from pursuing a personal blog for over two years now. I mean, why, why, why would someone take the time to read my ramblings? Surely, it’s borderline narcissistic to think anyone would. I’m just a person, a layman, no one uniquely special.  I’ve had friends, family members, and colleagues nudge me to this point. Some have commented on my short story-like Facebook posts (some of which I’ve extracted for these blogs), encouraging me to write a book (which I am doing, but that’s a discussion for another day) or a blog. Others have been exposed to my writing on a more professional level – I’m a freelance copywriter and was an advertising agency owner for many years. Yet, my internal voice kept proving more convincing than theirs and successfully undermined what is clearly a fragile confidence.

So, how did I arrive at this emboldened stage? This stage of unsure fingertips on a judgey MacBook Air keyboard (all Apple products are judgey, right?). It’s not a particularly glamorous back story, but it’s so me if you knew me well. It took swigging Black Label from the bottle amidst mellow-but-deep conversation, with a sort-of-LONG-time-ago-ex-love-interest-turned-good-friend to get me to take the proverbial leap of faith. Why him? I don’t know. He’s not the brightest. Don’t get me wrong; he has many other redeeming qualities. But, I mean, does he actually read? Turns out, he does. Life is packed with surprises, right? And not only does he read, but he also claims to be a vehement blog reader, and he “would definitely read my blogs.” He then listed a whole lot of other people who would too, and scolded me for my lack of courage.

It was not his encouragement alone that worked, the Black Label did too. Why? Well, drinking Black Label from the bottle transports me back to my nineteen-year-old self. That whimsical and fantastically carefree girl that danced for hours on The Rift dancefloor – an alternate music, rock club back on the 90’s. I danced with friends, I danced with long-haired surfer boys. I danced (virtually) with Pearl Jam, Sisters of Mercy, The Pixies, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Nirvana. I remember taking the N3 fly-on early hours one Saturday morning as I headed home after The Rift and heard the news of Kurt Cobain’s death. I sobbed the whole way home. On that dancefloor, I got to be me. And in this personal blog, I intend being precisely that. Just unashamedly and coyly, me. Still that girl, but now armed with life-lessons and the inevitable maturity and sense of responsibility that time brings.

I’m not sure if there’s a right or wrong way to blog. I come from a marketing background, so I know the theory. However, there is much debate when it comes to successful blogging. There’s contest around the number of words required to increase followers, comments, engagements, and SEO. But that’s not why I’ve started this blog. “Do what you love, and the success will follow” – that’s my mantra for now. I’m going to blog quite simply because I enjoy writing. I find it cathartic. This may even be my opportunity to make a difference. Perhaps when I share my passions and personal insights, there will be a line or two that echoes where you’re at. Perhaps in my own small way I can help you find balance while I seek my own. Perhaps my tips on skincare will be the ones you needed to hear. And maybe, just maybe, my flaws will make you more comfortable with your own.

I’m not sure if I’m meant to list my attributes and plentiful quirks in the first blog. You know; what I look like (I’m finding it strange seeing a blog page adorned with pics of me, by the way), what I like, what I know, where I live, the list of family members and my age. I think that’s unnecessary. And I don’t want details to pigeon-hole me. Not just yet. Hopefully, if you intend to indulge my ramblings, you’ll soon know that list anyway. Cue the pack-formation of yapping insecurities – I mean, why would you indulge me? But, thank you if you do choose to follow me. Sincerely, thank you. And please be nice. Constructive honesty is good, but I don’t have capacity for nasty negativity. Please. I’m a sensitive soul. Although I am working on being a little tougher. Writing this blog is one of the steps in my quest to stand firm against fear of failure.

At first, I’ve given myself the goal of blogging once a week. I’m not sure if my blogs will be long, medium, or short. Probably a combination of all. Detailed, serious, or carefree. Probably mood dependent. But I do know they will include discussions, facts, tips, and experiences around my passions. These are travel, skincare, health and fitness, a-move-towards-plant-based diet and learning how best to care for our planet. You will also see a consistent thread of untroubled fun, introspection and my pursuit of balance woven throughout my blogs. The long and short of it – expect coddiwompling. I’m not quite sure where we’re headed, but I think we’ll have fun.

I intend to leave my family out of my blog, except for the odd mention here and there. Firstly, because I don’t want their privacy compromised and secondly because those blogs already exist in abundance. My family is, however, my everything. And I thank them for affording me the freedom to be me.

So, for now, may we simply coddiwomple  through my blog, arms interlinked? I’m excited to see where this leads.

Let’s just coddiwomple

x Keryn