Natural Rubber Massage Peanut


Ergonomically shaped to massage muscles along either side of your spine, this little do-good nutter gets to work pressed against a wall, in an office chair or on the floor. It offers medium to firm pressure, relieving tight muscles and improving circulation. Use it intuitively by listening to your body’s needs.


  • Offers symmetrical pressure on either side of the spine
  •  Releases tight muscles and relieves headaches
  •  Improves range of motion


  •  14 cm (5.5 in) x 6.6 cm (2.5 in)
  •  70% natural rubber/20% calcium carbonate/10% foaming agent PRODUCT CARE
  •  Clean with a wet cloth
  •  Dry completely with a dry towel
  •  Do not allow product to be soaked in water
  •  Air dry before storing
  •  Avoid direct sunlight and dust

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